50 rNFTs sold out in 30 minutes|Hokusai moves to the next level

2 min readMay 18, 2021

Dear Hokusai users

The 50 Hokusai Sticker rNFTs that went on sale on 5/10 at 20:30 (Japan time) were all sold out in 38 minutes. Thank you for your support.

To those who have purchased the rNFT

Those who have purchased Hokusai Sticker rNFTs can exchange them for Hokusai stickers by going to https://shop.hokusai.app/ and clicking “Receive” to send the rNFTs to the wallet designated by the management by June 30.

If you would like to redeem the stickers but have not yet done so, please register at the Hokusai store.

If you still want to keep your rNFTs, please keep them; Hokusai is not an ecosystem where the value is severely degraded if you don’t exchange them for something, and we are currently inventing incentives to hold rNFTs (which may annoy you).

For those who were unable to purchase and learned about Hokusai for the first time

Hokusai has only just begun. In the future, we plan to release rNFT to the world, which can be exchanged for many real items.

For the test version, we will be shipping things only to Japan, but soon we will be able to ship things all over the world. Please wait a little longer, as we will make rNFT available to people all over the world.


Hokusai will be taking a Web 3.0 approach to the world. As a project that connects the digital and physical worlds, we plan to handle many items, not limited to art.

If you want to know more about Hokusai, please register your email on Twitter or on the official website.






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