Hokusai API Announces New Features: Transfer and Burn

New Features: Transfer and Burn NFT

  • Mint NFT in Polygon Network.
  • Refer to NFT metadata
  • Set flexible royalties based on the EIP-2981 standard, allowing cross-platform revenue sharing when distributed to the secondary market.

Refer to our API document for more details.

Now users can transfer and burn NFTs metadata without paying gas fees using our simple Hokusai API.

What does it mean for users?


  • Airdrop NFTs.


  • Delete NFTs that you minted by mistake.

What’s next for Hokusai API?

  • Building an NFT management system with a friendly user interface.
  • Extending our support for other side chains and Layer2.

Please feel free to reach out to us for any inquiries.

For technical questions and feedback, reach out to our discord developer channel. Our developers are happy to assist you with any questions :)

For business inquiries, please reach out here.



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