Hokusai API, NFT Infrastructure for developers and individuals, Announces New Features: NFT Management Dashboard.

1 min readDec 17, 2021

Hokusai API is thrilled to announce the release of NFT Management Dashboard for our mainnet users. NFT Management Dashboard Ver1.0 enables users to track API usage in order to manage the billing and monitor the number of NFT minted and transferred through our Hokusai API. We will add more features on the dashboard to make our API more user friendly.

About Hokusai API
The Hokusai API is an API platform that enables web developers to quickly implement the functions necessary for minting, transferring, and managing NFTs without knowledge of solidity and blockchain at zero cost gas fee. Its most remarkable feature is the ease of adding NFT functions to a website with just a few lines of code. When combined with other services, such as Bubble.io, it is also possible to develop No Code NFT marketplaces.

Management screen

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