Hokusai API released Polygon TESTNET(Mumbai) version|Web engineers become NFT developers

The Hokusai API was released to the Polygon Testnet on August 15, 2021.

What you can do with Hokusai API

Users of the Hokusai API should read and use the following Docs. User should read and use the following Docs: Hokusai API can initially be configured to mint, refer, and royalty across platforms.

Hokusai API Docs

For now, if you would like to try prototyping something with Testnet, please sign up at the registration URL below.

Website: https://hokusai.app/

We are waiting for contributions to the Hokusai API Docs.

Hokusai API Docs: https://docs.hokusai.app/

What to do next

We’ll launch on the Polygon mainnet in the near future. It is not limited to Polygon, but also supports Side chain and Layer2.

We will add all the features that bring NFT closer to everyday life and provide the world’s most accessible service for NFT service providers.




The Infrastructure for all that distribute value digitally

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The Infrastructure for all that distribute value digitally

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