Hokusai API, a Simple API Solution for NFT Infrastructure, Lands an Angel Round

2 min readSep 10, 2021

Japan Monobundle Inc. is thrilled to announce an initial round of funding from angel investors. The company aims to lower the technical barriers for businesses to enter NFT markets.

Visit the Hokusai API website at https://hokusai.app/

Japan Monobundle Inc. is the creator of Hokusai API. The API offers a solution for NFT infrastructure such as minting. The company also provides NFT consulting services for businesses from business model development, strategic planning, legal inspections, and technical support for developers and companies entering the NFT space.

The company plans to use this funding round to cover marketing efforts to improve service engagement and business development.

Here is a comment from one of our investors in this round.

Kenichiro Kawasaki (Representative Attorney at Waseda Legal Commons Law Office)

Japan MonoBundle is a startup that strives to make blockchain technology, which has high entry barriers, available for broader adoption. The company has accumulated various experiences by utilizing crypto assets and blockchain under the legal framework of Japan, in an area with high demands from the world. We hope for its continuing success as a startup that will pave the way for the future.

Comment from Yosui Harasawa the founder/CEO of Japan Monobundle Inc.

With the support from our new investors, we will accelerate our efforts to realize Web3. In addition to providing API services, we have started a consulting business for companies considering NFT implementation to strengthen their advantage. We look forward to your continuing support.

About Hokusai API

The Hokusai API is an API platform that enables web engineers to quickly implement the functions necessary for minting, transferring, and managing NFTs without knowledge of solidity and blockchain. Its most remarkable feature is the ease of adding NFT functions to a website with just a few lines of code. When combined with other services, such as Bubble.io, it is possible to develop No Code NFT marketplaces.

Besides NFT business consulting, the company offers support in accounting and legal areas, such as handling crypto assets (gas prices, royalties) and copyrights of NFTs.

If you have any inquires about this funding or the business, please reach out here. https://hokusai.app/contact




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