Hokusai, NFT infrastructure for developers and businesses, has introduced “Batch Mint” It has been introduced to reduce the cost of Gas fee for multiple NFT minting.

Background to the introduction of the new system
NFT standards that have been developed so far only allow one NFT to be minted in one transaction.Hokusai also had to pay for gas (transaction fees) for each mint when issuing large-scale NFTs, and there was a possibility of transaction choking due to the large number of transactions.

Since we expect to issue NFT on a large scale in the future, we have decided to introduce a new system called Batch Mint to make Hokusai more comfortable to use.

Overview of Batch Mint
With the introduction of BatchMint, multiple NFTs can be minted in just one transaction.This will solve the problems of gas fee for each NFT mint, high costs for gas due to multiple transactions, and long processing times.

Update Details
・It allows you to mint multiple NFTs in one transaction.
・Hokusai API will now guarantee that NFTs will be minted in order.
・With the introduction of BatchMint, the UX will be improved.

API fee at the time of NFT issuance
・No initial fee
・8USD for the first NFT, 4USD for the second and subsequent NFTs

▼Click here for details on the update.

Register for Hokusai API at https://hokusai.app

If you have any questions about us, please contact us here.





The Infrastructure for all that distribute value digitally

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The Infrastructure for all that distribute value digitally

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