Hokusai, NFT infrastructure for developers and businesses, updated as a multi-chain NFT infrastructure. First phase announces support for Ethereum, Arbitrum

2 min readApr 14, 2022

Background of Multi-Chain Introduction
In the crypto industry, the demand for blockchains with various characteristics has increased due to frequent problems such as transaction delays and rising Gas fees caused by congestion in blockchain networks, leading to a shift to multi-chain.

Not only will the NFT marketplace be multi-chain compatible, but we expect to see more NFT projects that support multiple chains in the future.

Currently, Hokusai supports Polygon network, which is a layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum blockchain, but as the market changes and becomes multi-chain compatible, we will be able to offer a wide range of services to more individuals and businesses who are considering implementing NFT businesses. We believe that we will be able to offer our services.
In addition, in the event of problems such as transaction blockages, the ability to support multiple chains will enable other chains to handle the problem, which will improve the user experience (UX) by spreading the risk at the time of NFT issuance.

With this implementation, a total of 3 chains are now supported.
A second update is planned for the near future, and we will continue to increase the number of supported chains to enhance the liquidity of Web3.

Update Description
Support for the mainnet and testnet of two chains, Ethereum and Arbitrum, has been implemented.

With this change, subdomains have been eliminated and endpoints now include the network name. Depending on the network, the destination for deploying and invoking contracts is switched.

Supported chains after update

▼Please refer to the document for details on how to get started and pricing

■About Hokusai
Hokusai is an Embedded NFT API service that provides global NFT development tools as a multi-chain NFT infrastructure. It is possible to provide highly scalable business by issuing original contracts, flexible royalty settings, no GAS fees, and combining APIs.
The service enables users to create their own original contracts, which has been requested by many individuals and businesses that own brands and IP, so that they can intuitively communicate that their services and brands are their own.

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