Introducing NFT Starter Kit

Start your own NFT site as lowest cost and quickly as possible.

We are exited to announce NFT starter Kit! 🎉

You can rocket start your own NFT sales site as little cost as possible. We believe that NFT Starter Kit is a great tool for your NFT test marketing while you have control over the the contract, design and web domain.



  • $980 for Up to 20 items($9 per an additional item)
  • Transaction commission:Free
  • Monthly Subscription:Free for Three months($50 per a month after that)

You can apply for the NFT Starter Kit from the below link.

How is it different from other platform like OpenSea?

  1. Branding

You can sell NFTs on your original sale site which comes with original custom contract, design and your choice of web domains. You can start NFT while keeping your originality and branding.

2. Flexible payment

You can choose between fiat currency (credit card payment via PayPal) and crypto currency payment.

3. Test marketing
You can easily run a test marketing whether your contents and products are suitable for NFT business. You can also promote the site through online ads.

4. Low Initial Cost

Because we use Hokusai API in the NFT Starter Kit, businesses that use this sales site do not need to purchase crypto assets to issue NFTs and pay gas fee. You can start within 10 businesses days.

We are very looking forward to working with business considering an entry into NFT, please feel free to ask any question!

About Hokusai API

The Hokusai API is an API platform that enables web engineers to quickly implement the functions necessary for minting, transferring, and managing NFTs without knowledge of solidity and blockchain. Its most remarkable feature is the ease of adding NFT functions to a website with just a few lines of code. When combined with other services, such as, it is possible to develop No Code NFT marketplaces. Besides NFT business consulting, the company offers support in accounting and legal areas, such as handling crypto assets (gas prices, royalties) and copyrights of NFTs.

If you have any inquires about this announcement or the business, please reach out here.