Monobundle, developer of the NFT infrastructure ”Hokusai”, announced a partnership with Polygon Studios

2 min readApr 11, 2022


Background to the alliance
Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a type of digital data issued and distributed on the blockchain. Annual transaction volume of NFT arts in 2021 was approximately 470 million, more than 200 times higher than the previous year.
NFTs are expected to be used in areas such as content and IP utilization, gaming, and asset tracking and proof of authenticity, and various companies operating in these areas have expressed interest in commercializing NFTs.
However, the NFT business is still said to have high barriers to entry, as it requires the purchase of cryptographic assets to issue NFTs and the use of blockchain-specific programming language in development.
In addition, the ambiguity and complexity resulting from the lack of legislation and regulation means that there are only a few companies capable of properly marketing NFTs.

Going forward, MonoBundle will leverage its strengths in NFT-related networks and Hokusai, a multi-chain NFT infrastructure that enables easy implementation of NFT, and Polygon Studios’ marketing expertise, which it has accumulated to date, to promote and market joint projects.

■About Hokusai
Hokusai is an Embedded NFT API service that provides global NFT development tools as a NFT infrastructure. It is possible to provide highly scalable business through original contract issuance, flexible royalty settings, no GAS fees, large-scale NFT issuance with Batch Mint, and API combinations.
The creation of original contracts, which has been requested by many individuals and businesses that own brands and IP, allows them to intuitively communicate that their services and brands are their own.


■About Polygon Studios
Welcome to the home of all NFT, Gaming, and Metaverse projects that are on the Polygon protocol. We partner with large scale NFT projects for globally recognized IP and Brands, and are the best in class solution for energy efficiency and scaling on the blockchain.

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