Multi-chain NFT infrastructure “Hokusai” announces the start of support for BNB Chain, Astar, and Avalanche as the second update.

2 min readApr 20, 2022


About the Second Update
In the first update, we announced support for Ethereum and Arbitrum.
With this update, Hokusai support Astar, a public blockchain from Japan, Avalanche, which is highly decentralized and scalable, and BNB Chain, which has the second largest market share after Ethereum.
By supporting a total of six chains that have been attracting attention recently, we believe that we will be able to provide services to more individuals and businesses that are considering introducing NFT business.

In addition, it is left to the user to choose which chain to use, given the advantages and disadvantages of each chain, such as GAS fees (transaction fees), transaction processing speed, and interoperability. By supporting multiple chains, Hokusai has made it possible for individuals and businesses to introduce NFT business in a way that suits their purposes.

We will continue to update Hokusai to keep up with the overall blockchain trend so that you can implement your NFT business in the most appropriate way.

Update Description
BNB Chain, Astar and Avalanche have been implemented for the mainnet and testnet of the three chains.

Supported chains after update
・BNB Chain

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■About Hokusai
Hokusai is an Embedded NFT API service that provides global NFT development tools as a multi-chain NFT infrastructure. It is possible to provide highly scalable business by issuing original contracts, flexible royalty settings, no GAS fees, and combining APIs.

Hokusai can reduce development costs because web engineers only need to write a few lines of code to implement NFT functions, and it can also reduce accounting costs because the functions that Hokusai has allow you to start an NFT business without purchasing crypto assets.

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