Multi-chain NFT infrastructure “Hokusai” provides technical support to 3DCG virtual singer te’resa’s NFT project “P.O.M* (PIECE OF MODE*)”

Monobundle Ltd.(Chiba, Japan, Representative Director: Yosui Harasawa), a provider of the multi-chain NFT infrastructure service “Hokusai”, provided technical support to the NFT project “P.O.M* (PIECE OF MODE*)” of the 3DCG virtual singer te’resa with marketing support from YELLTRON Co.,Ltd (Tokyo, Representative Director: Ryohei Osaka).

“te’resa” is a 3DCG virtual singer unparalleled in the world, belonging to the virtual human production “IMAGINARY STUDIO” and “KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO ‘’ led by THINKR.

In 2021, with the cooperation of many creators across genres, she has released nine original songs, dropped seven music videos, appeared in an Intel TV commercial in China, was selected for “NYLON’S NEXT 2021,” and has been actively engaged in other activities.With virtual reality as its weapon, the company continues to take on various challenges in the entertainment field under the theme, “All barriers can be overcome. “

Instagram:@virtual_teresa / Twitter:@virtual_teresa

■te’resa 「P.O.M*(PIECE OF MODE*)」
P.O.M* (PIECE OF MODE*), an NFT project by te’resa. As “Phase 1”, NFT items with the same name as te’resa’s new song “Don’t slow me down” were sold through an auction system at the same time as NFT with a motif of 30 patterns of logos.

The new song “Don’t slow me down” was produced by DJ and producer Pharakami Sandersga.The song expresses the desire to break through the sense of stagnation in society and create a bright future together with “you (the listener).The music video for “Don’t slow me down” is available on YouTube.

Project page:

Technical support by Hokusai
In this technical support, 521 items including music NFTs were issued by own contract, and the use of Hokusai’s BatchMint made it easy to issue large NFTs.

▼ Items for sale

About YELLTRON Co., Ltd
“YELLTRON” is a new marketing company that leverages token and blockchain technology.

They have already released YELLtum, a local currency issued with sports clubs, and REICHTUM (currently undergoing rebranding), which visualizes ethical consumption, as well as digital marketing with a focus on tokens.

With YELLtum at the center, they are planning to offer betting, metaverse marketing, and real-time retail marketing in the future, and will promote the provision of new value in the web 3.0 era.


➤ Site

About Hokusai
Hokusai is an Embedded NFT service that provides global NFT development tools as a multi-chain NFT infrastructure. It is possible to provide a highly scalable business by issuing original contracts, flexible royalty settings, no GAS fees, and a combination of APIs.

It has realized the “creation of unique contracts” that many individuals and businesses that own brands and IP have voiced, allowing them to intuitively communicate that their service/brand is their own.

Users of Hokusai can set up to 80% of the royalties in the secondary distribution market, and the royalties are based on EIP-2981, which allows for revenue sharing even across platforms, so that revenue is returned to creators even if they trade on different marketplaces and platforms that use the same standard.





The Infrastructure for all that distribute value digitally

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The Infrastructure for all that distribute value digitally

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