NFT infrastructure&APIs Released on Polygon Mainnet|Integrate NFT functions with a few lines of code

3 min readSep 13, 2021

Hokusai API was released to the Polygon Mainnet on September 13, 2021. This opens new opportunities for your NFT business.

What is Hokusai API

Hokusai API provides a RESTful API that enables easy interactions with the blockchain network, and can be implemented in the existing web services without the knowledge of blockchain.

What can you do with Hokusai API ?

Hokusai API supports NFT issuing(minting), management as well as royalty setting so that you can initiate NFT businesses at a low cost.

In addition, if you combine it with a payment function in a combination such as “Hokusai API + Square (Paypal)”, you can build an NFT marketplace only with the skills of a web engineer.

  1. Non gas fee

There is no GAS fee for Hokusai API users. In the past, GAS fees were required to develop NFT services for trial purposes, but Hokusai API users do not need to pay for them. Because, Hokusai API users don’t need to pay for this, because Hokusai will pay for it for them.

In the near future, our tokenomics will solve the problem of relying on the Hokusai team’s financial situation to pay for GAS.

2. Develop NFT service without Solidity

All engineers who develop NFT services do not need to learn Solidity. All engineers can develop in languages they have already learned, such as Javascript and Python.


Our pricing system is pay-as-you-go which means you only pay for the amount you use. We provide the API free of charge to partners who strives to create the Web3 world.

If you are residents of web3 and want to use Hokusai API, please contact us! We welcome people who connect web3 and everyday life.

We provide the Hokusai API for free until you have published 100 NFTs. If you want to mint more NFTs, you can use enterprise plan.

About Polygon

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Hokusai API Docs:

In the future, Hokusai API aims to expand to areas other than polygon, supporting everyone who strives to build the world of web3.




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