NFT Infrastructure “Hokusai” for Developers and Businesses: Notice of Change to No Initial Cost

2 min readFeb 16, 2022

Background of the price change
We have decided to waive the initial cost of Hokusai for developers and business operators who have been unable to take the plunge into NFT development due to cost concerns. By this change, users of Hokusai will be able to realize the high return on investment right from the start of implementation.

Hokusai has been able to significantly reduce development and accounting costs because companies introducing NFT services do not have to pay GAS fees. This change will enable them to introduce NFT services at a lower cost, and will also make it easier for them to verify their NFT business.

About Hokusai
Hokusai is an API service for Embedded NFT that provides NFT development tools globally as “NFT infrastructure”. It can provide highly scalable business by issuing original contracts, flexible royalty settings, No GAS fees, and API combinations.

Its greatest feature is the ease with which NFT functions can be added to websites with just a few lines of code, and when combined with other services, it is possible to build NFT marketplace or NFT sales site with no code.

By realizing the “creation of own contracts,” which has been voiced by many businesses that own brands, Hokusai can intuitively tell customers that it is your own service.

In addition, Hokusai’s functionality eliminates the need to purchase crypto assets in order to issue NFT, thereby reducing accounting costs and reducing the cost of entry for NFT by up to 75%, bringing Web3 closer to our everyday life.

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