The infrastructure for all individuals and businesses that distribute value digitally|New concept for Hokusai

4 min readJun 9, 2021

Hokusai was operated as a “platform for NFT (rNFT) connected to things. As the first step, 50 Hokusai Sticker rNFT were sold at 20:30 on May 10 (Japan time), and all of them were sold out in 38 minutes.

The rNFT that can be exchanged with things is a new attempt worldwide, and we are grateful for the interest of many people on SNS.

Hokusai will change from “a platform for NFT that can be exchanged for things” to “an infrastructure for individuals and businesses that distribute value digitally”.

Problems that emerged while running Hokusai

In the process of trying to attract various businesses to Hokusai, a number of issues came to light.

  1. There are very few legal tender payment services that utilize NFT.
  2. Marketplace-driven marketing.
  3. Inability to provide an NFT purchase experience on the web that maximizes the use of individual and business brands.

And so on. When Hokusai sold the stickers as a test marketing campaign, orders poured in and they were sold out.

This can be seen as proof that NFT is a technology that is attracting attention and that many people have high expectations and interest in the Hokusai project.

NFT and other blockchain technologies are used to prove the value of these products and to minimize the damage caused by identity theft.

The current NFT market is led by businesses and individuals on the “NFT side” of the blockchain, and existing brands and businesses are paying the high implementation costs. The difficult task of issuing and managing NFT and building sales flows has unintentionally become a vested interest on the part of blockchain enthusiasts.

NFT are simple — unique digital data — but their real-world potential is huge, and the above is something that needs to be improved immediately.

Hokusai’s new concept: “An infrastructure for individuals and businesses to distribute value digitally.

Hokusai was released with the concept of “a platform for redeemable NFT (NFT) that can be exchanged for things,” but as mentioned above, it turned out to be necessary to significantly improve the hurdles to introducing NFT, both economically and technologically, rather than expanding the range of NFT themselves.

In order to sell NFT that are tied to the value of goods, it is necessary to provide an infrastructure with low implementation costs for individuals and businesses that want to distribute digital values. However, that infrastructure is still not in place.

Hokusai solves this problem by exposing the API necessary for individuals and businesses to build their own NFT sales websites without having to know Web3 technology or blockchain technology.

Instead of spending tens of millions of dollars to hire and launch a project with blockchain engineers, which is difficult to find and difficult to implement, we will make it easy to implement with just one front-end engineer.

First, Hokusai will enable a world where you can build your own NFT site as easily as you can build an e-commerce site on Shopify.

Hokusai’s team is looking for an infrastructure engineer to help us achieve the above goals.

If you are interested in working with us, please apply below.

For Businesses

Even if the API is released, it is still difficult to develop it as a well-thought-out business without prerequisite knowledge of how to use sidechain, L2, NFT, and wallets.

If you plan to provide consulting or development services for NFT business using the APIs provided by Hokusai, or if you want to conduct business related to NFT, please contact us from the following link.

NFT is a simple form of unique digital data, but we at Hokusai believe that it has tremendous potential in the real world, and we will do our best to contribute to people who are starting some kind of business using NFT.

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The Infrastructure for all that distribute value digitally